"This Weapon Has Heart" Tour EP

by 1985 & autococoon

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Originally released in August 2011, these were promotional songs for our 30-day greyhound tour across America in September. All songs have been released on various albums by MASA Records, a not-for-profit record label that seeks to donate most to all of the money brought in from the sale of releases to various charities and causes. The label was founded and is run by Matt Fu of 1985. The autococoon songs are from the MASA Records album "Ponies Float." The 1985 songs are from various OLD releases spanning the last 10 years but all of the songs here are reflections on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

autococoon (from Olympia) and 1985 (from Seattle) are heading out on a 30 day late summer Greyhound tour in support of "This Weapon Has Heart," a new audio documentary on Honduran Community Radio produced by Caitlin of autococoon. We are looking for any and all help possible on this tour and would love to come play your town! Please email us at masarecords@gmail.com if you think you might know of a cool basement venue, infoshop, coffeeshop, bookstore, zine library, all-ages venue that we could play in your town! The tour is from Aug 29th to Sept 27th and you can find more information about it and the "This Weapon Has Heart" audio documentary below:



released March 7, 2012

1985 is Matt Fu and friends. autococoon is Cait Payne and friends.




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