Green Bones

by 1985

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a raw collection of song sketches and improv'ed words mostly from the spring and summer 2013. check out the masa records bandcamp main page for more 1985 albums (including real ones!) Look for more songs to be added to this collection soon.


released June 1, 2013




MASA Records Washington

MASA Records is a homespun, low-fi & DIY not-for-profit label seeking to promote culturally, politically & socially mindful artists & to funnel at least the majority of $$$ brought in from the sale of releases to charitable organizations & causes of the artists choosing. We've been around for 12 yrs now with over 80 cassette, CD-R, Vinyl & online releases. LUX ETERN! Email us @gmail (masarecords). ... more

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Track Name: 1,985 Liquid Diamonds
I don't mind all the time that we spin, uncharted
there's secrets in your heart, there's secrets in mine, too
like starlight in the day
oh, what do we do?

it's been some time since we shared all the depth, all the care
but as I have said and shouted to the night
like skating on star ice,
i'll wait for you

(You Are Not Alone)