demos for forthcoming album "Spirulina"

by autococoon



autococoon is Caitlin Payne Roberts, who says this of the album so far:

the last three tracks I recorded in december '10 in pennsylvania. they are the beginnings of an album I intend to call Spirulina...

"Boring Hole" and "∞!" were recorded in Port Townsend, WA with Jarrod Bramson [of Solvents], June 4, 2012 for the album.


released June 11, 2012

matt fu -- borrowing the 4track, interstellar action, voice on ∞!
brad bush -- the jelly jam in the middle of mantua
mom -- calling up the stairs during a recording
jarrod bramson -- drums and recording!!!




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Track Name: Running On Skates
runnin on the skates will slice the snakes coilin up the flagpole slate lemon meringue a rosy cheek sugar induced coma then sleep runnin on the magic legged snail lettin the wind twist the sail leathery peanut chews the rope under the captain doesn't know runnin inside the oldest tree lightnin flashed under the sea lookin around to find my home why don't we live in a horse zone buttonin collar buttons too it's the highest i can do listenin for the sounds of whales bleatin overtures at gulls