Black Candy (Waxahatchee)

by 1985

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This is a cover of the song Black Candy by Waxahatchee, hastily recorded and mixed on March 25th, 2016. (sorry!) A month and 4 years ago, Waxahatchee played a powerfully intimate show in the basement of an all-ages arts space and venue in our town. (see link below, that is me hooting during the line about Maine and Athens in Magic City Wholesale). That night was certainly a blur for me, emotional and crying throughout this set, broken-hearted, and it was the last time I tumbled into a blackout drunk. I can't remember too much that happened after the music, but I woke up late the next morning in that same dark, damp basement. That week was a giant turning point in my life, as I fully realized that if I kept drinking I would certainly wind up dead in a ditch within a few years time. I had seen alcohol ruin the lives of several family members throughout my youth and early adulthood and knew what comes next. I was sick of losing friends and loved ones in my life, sick of running from connections and sick of wasting precious time when so many magical roads and inspiring challenges lay ahead in the future space for our communities, my friends and my loved ones. Trying to go sober that year prior had proved to be a harrowing experience with intense withdrawals suffered physically and mentally... But in April of 2012 I went completely sober and, though those first few months were nearly unbearable with my withdrawal symptoms, I was able to make it through with the help of friends and loved ones. I have been sober every since, forever grateful for this new chance at life and endlessly marveling at the world beaming clear and bright. I send my love here out to anyone dealing with addiction and the suffocating fog it brings, whether in your own life or in the life of someone you care for. Please keep your loved ones close and look out for one another. This world can weigh sharp and piercing on our hearts and we need each others warmth to guide us through. This goofy recording is for Jason M and Keith K, thanks for sharing your creative spirit with us and your hugs and smiles, too.

Waxahatchee - Tangled Envisioning and Magic City Wholesale - Live at WhAAM, Bellingham, WA (2/23/12)


released March 26, 2016




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